China Stories February 12

We already reported that drones were being used to stop the virus from spreading, but now DJI published an article that informs us that DJI pledged $1,5M on February 4th and uses DJI Argas drones to fight Coronavirus in China.

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China Stories February 10

We just learned and confirmed through two different sources that today DJI reopens their offices in China and that the company has resumed shipping, after having closed its offices because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

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China Stories February 1

Drones in China are being used to make contact with people spotted walking outside without a face mask on due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus. Coronavirus is spreading through China and slowly around the world so using drones is a safer option than officials talking directly to the people.

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Drones are being used in Chinese villages to spray disinfectant in response to coronavirus throughout the village, to hopefully make the village a little safer to walk around in. The drones are being used around China and are being converted to help out.

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China Stories January 6

While many countries celebrate New Year’s Eve with fireworks, a few are changing it up with drone light shows. Chinese broadcast company CCTV shared a video of what looked like drones on New Year’s Eve, displaying cool graphics and welcoming everyone into 2020. But there was a catch.

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China Stories December 17, 2019

Chinese gangsters use drones to spread African swine fever

Here’s a new and dishonest way to use drones. According to the SUPChina, Chinese gangsters use drones to spread African swine fever to scare farmers into selling their animals at a discount before trafficking the sick pigs across province lines and selling them in “clean” areas.

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