Drone Defense Stories February 20

The Pentagon wants a counter-drone SWAT team to be put together asap by Defense Digital Service (DDS) to detect, hack, and jam enemy drones – with wide potential applications for Joint All-Domain Command & Control.

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Drone Defense Stories February 12

Take a look at this latest Israeli-developed counter-drone technology and watch the Drone Dome laser, dubbed Light Blade, take down a number of DJI Phantoms. The video that was uploaded to YouTube today shows a truck-mounted version of Drone Dome, a Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) weapon. The setup includes a search radar, drone-radio command detector, an electro-optical sensor, and a command-and-control system.

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Drone Defense Stories December 18, 2019

An article on Vice describes how wild the market of anti-drone systems and counter-drone tech has become. Methods used range from drone-jamming rifles to ground installations that fire nets to catch unmanned aircraft. The article is based on a research paper on counter-drone technology that was released by The Center for the Study of The Drone at Bard College.

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Drone Defense Stories October 9, 2019

Private pilot develops aircraft radar to detect drones and avoid them

Rick Zelenka, a private pilot, is developing a small radar setup for airplanes that detects drones and helps pilots to avoid them. Zelenka has recently been awarded two patents for his radar invention.

Defense contractor Raytheon is working on a DJI Aeroscope alternative

Defense contractor Raytheon is working on a DJI Aeroscope alternative to spot drones flying illegally over stadiums during sporting events and concerts. Raytheon’s solution also locates the drone pilot. Btw if you want to read how you can fly legally near stadiums during events read this article here.

Drone Defense Stories May 9, 2019

Miami Police invited a counter-drone company during the Ultra Music Festival to keep the skies free of drones, but in doing so they may have violated federal law according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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