Remote ID Stories Yesterday

If you feel that leaving a comment on this website is not enough to express your concerns with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) about their proposed rules for Remote ID for Drones you can join the friendly and peaceful protests at the FAA headquarters in Washington D.C. today and tomorrow.

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Remote ID Stories February 27

In a smart move, DJI decided to point out the additional costs and restrictions that come with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) NPRM for Remote ID for Drones directly in the DJI Go 4 app. One of the challenges has always been to reach out to as many drone pilots as possible to keep them informed of changing rules and regulations. With DJI’s market share of more than 70%, displaying a pop-up message in the DJI Go 4 app is a very effective method to reach these pilots.

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Remote ID Stories February 21

Today we hear from Wing Aviation about their support for ASTM Standard for Drone Remote ID. Wing shares the concerns most drone pilots have when it comes to privacy. They also suggest you should be able to select the best form of Remote ID that fits with your drone and flying circumstances. You can read the details below.

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Remote ID Stories February 20

If you’re still not convinced that the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) NPRM for Remote ID for Drones is a bad idea, then take a few minutes to read Christopher Korody’s piece in which he refers to these proposed rules as a ‘black hole’.

Keep in mind that if you too feel that your drone hobby or business is under threat of these new rules, then be sure to comment and let the FAA know your concerns and feedback. You have until March 2nd to submit them here online. Do NOT simply copy-paste prepared comments because as Christopher points out: “they (the FAA) reject repetitive comments, so the thousands of cut and paste letters from AMA members will be counted as one”.

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Remote ID Stories February 19

DJI posted an article today in which they raise one of the most important questions regarding the Federal Administration Aviation’s (FAA) NPRM for Remote ID for Drones; who should know where a drone pilot is located? In the current proposed rules, the drone pilot’s location would be made publicly available, which as you can imagine is a hotly debated topic.

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Remote ID Stories February 18

DJI just released a video that explains how their new Drone-to-Phone Broadcast Remote ID solution works. This new solution for remote identification for drones was first introduced by DJI during the International Civil Aviation Organization’s third annual Drone Enable conference in Montreal last year. The app that works on any smartphone will show you in real-time the most important information about any DJI drone, such as the flight path of the drone, the location of the pilot and the ID number of the drone. DJI’s Drone-To-Phone Broadcast Remote ID relies on a WiFi connection between the drone and your smartphone and does not require an internet connection. This feature can be added to DJI drones by a simple firmware update.

Update: many of our readers have responded on social media, email and elsewhere expressing their discontent with the pilot location being made available to the general public in the DJI Phone-to-Drone app. A spokesperson for DJI clarified that this is simply a proof of concept based on the requirements from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The app is not currently available to the public.

“The app and the associated drone firmware updates used for DJI’s demonstration this week are not yet available for public use, pending further direction from aviation regulators and final publication of the ASTM International standard.”

You can read the original news release from DJI about the Drone-to-Phone app here. The purpose of the app was to show how broadcast is “simple and free” and can work as an effective to implement a form of Remote ID for Drones.

If you do not want your location to be made publicly available, be sure to submit your comments to the FAA before March 2nd. You can find help here, here and here.

Update 2: DJI added new text to the description of the video. See in bold below.

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